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Vacuum Therapy Discussion for Erectile Dysfunction

Vacuum Erection Therapy for Erectile Dysfunction

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Before the birth of the erectile dysfunction drug Viagra the options open to men with erectile dysfunction were limited and in severe cases the use of a penile pump was recommended by doctors. Many people don't believe that vacuum therapy (via a "penis pump") could really work and they think that it is some wierd thing out of science fiction, however they do work and vacuum therapy has helped thousands of men with impotence.

In the medical profession the penis pump is called a vacuum therapy device and is used in conjunction with a vacuum constriction device and the American Urology Association reports that Vacuum Therapy for Erectile Dysfunction can still be useful as an effective treatment when the use of PDE-5 inhibitor drugs such as Viagra don't work.

The problem with vacuum therapy for Erectile Dysfunction is many men are put off by the idea that they with be using mechanical devices in the sensitive area of the penis and for a woman the idea that a man has to pump something to get an erection is not very romantic or attractive. 95% of our customers express success with not only achieving an erection, but successfully incorporating the system into the entire love making experience! Your satisfaction is Guaranteed!

Vacuum Therapy Devices

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Vacuum Therapy Device Accessories
Vacuum Therapy Devices
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Bonro Medical Vacurect OTC Vacuum Therapy System - Model 1002 Bonro Medical Vacurect OTC Vacuum Therapy System - Model 1002
Item No. BOM1002

Vacurect offers the following benefits:

  • Does not require a physician prescription
  • Includes 5 tension systems
  • Free sample tube of lubricant
  • The Device measures 9" long with a outside diameter of 2"
  • The VacuRect is effective for men with erect measurements up to 8 3/4" length and up to 2 1/4" diameter girth.
  • 1 year manufacturer's warranty
  • 30 Day Trial Period back by a Money Back Guarantee*
  • Meets FDA standards for Over-the-Counter vacuum therapy devices.
  • Additional tension systems and system oil may be purchased separately.
  • This system is our best seller and has our highest satisfaction rate! This is our Best Pick!

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Welcome to the leader in retail sales of FDA Approved, Medical Grade penis pumps for gentlemen from 40 to 100 years old. We approach penis pumps (vacuum erection therapy systems) from a respectable clinical approach combined with the inseparable sensual element essential to rebuilding a gentleman's confidence with his partner. We encourage both partners to explore this information together and embrace this as an opportunity to regain that wonderful intimacy that active partners can enjoy. We have found that our customers gain a renewed sense of self, confidence and connection with their partners after incorporating this effective system into their intimate life.

Top Quality Penis PumpVacuum Erection Therapy SystemsImpotence is a consistent inability to sustain an erection sufficient for sexual intercourse. Medical professionals often use the term "erectile dysfunction" to describe this disorder and to differentiate it from other problems that interfere with sexual intercourse, such as lack of sexual desire and problems with ejaculation and orgasm.

Impotence can be a total inability to achieve erection, an inconsistent ability to do so, or a tendency to sustain only brief erections. These variations make defining impotence and estimating its incidence difficult. Experts believe impotence affects between 10 and 15 million American men. In 2004, the National Ambulatory Medical Care Survey counted more than 750,000 doctor office visits for erectile dysfunction.

Impotence usually has a physical cause, such as disease, injury, or drug side effects. Any disorder that impairs blood flow in the penis has the potential to cause impotence. Incidence rises with age: about 5 percent of men at the age of 40, and between 15 and 25 percent of men at the age of 65, experience impotence. Yet, it is not an inevitable part of aging.

Impotence is treatable in all age groups, and awareness of this fact has been growing. More men have been seeking help and returning to near normal sexual activity because of improved, successful treatments for impotence. Urologists, who specialize in problems of the urinary tract, have traditionally treated impotence and its complications.

In 1996 the American Urological Association's Erectile Dysfunction Clinical Guidelines Panel, published their report on The Treatment of Organic Erectile Dysfunction. They found vacuum constriction devices to be highly successful and to have a high degree of patient and partner satisfaction. It was described as being "very safe" and no absolute contra-indications were quoted. It was mentioned that a high success rate was dependent on proper instruction in the use of the device.

The 2007 Annual American Urological Association Conference published their recommendations for use of vacuum therapy devices to be highly successful in post-operative rehabilitation for gentlemen who have undergone prostate surgery. The use of vacuum therapy systems to obtain erections several times a day and several times per week (please consult your physician for details on recommended therapy) simulates the previously occurring spontaneous nocturnal erections that are no longer occurring due to trauma to the nerves and the prostate region. Spontaneous Nocturnal Erections are nature's way of maintaining oxygenated blood flow to the penis, therefore maintaining overall health of the penis. The studies show decreased atrophy of the penis, decreased recovery times and increased successful erections with the use of vacuum therapy devices.

The Fitzz Research team has found what we feel is the best system which is truly innovative in vacuum therapy treatment. The Bonro Medical VacuRect has many unique features, greatly superior to other currently available devices. The constriction rings are made of soft silicon and utilize an approximately 1/4" thick collar that cause no discomfort. The design of the constriction rings is such that extra-penile tissue cannot be aspirated into the vacuum cylinder. A very wide spectrum of constriction rings comes with each device, ensuring an exact fit regardless of anatomical variations in patients.

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Erection Pump MaleGoodMost physicians suggest that treatments for impotence proceed along a path moving from least invasive to most invasive. Many of today's drugs - including anti-depressants - can cause reduced sexual ability and desire. The first step usually recommended is cutting back on any harmful drugs. However, if the primary cause of impotence is due to mainly psychological factors, psychotherapy and behavior modifications are considered next. This is followed by vacuum devices, oral drugs, locally injected drugs, and surgically implanted devices (and, in rare cases, surgery involving veins or arteries).

You are visiting this site now because you are interested in vacuum therapy. Vacuum therapy is recommended for thousands of men by thousands of physicians worldwide. Medicare and private health insurance plans classify "vacuum erection penile pumps" as "durable medical equipment". These medical grade devices always carry an extended warranty and are FDA approved. This is the only type of system you will find at

Mechanical vacuum devices cause erection by creating a partial vacuum around the penis, which draws blood into the penis engorging it and expanding it just like a naturally occurring erection. The devices have three components: a plastic cylinder in which the penis is placed; a pump, which draws air out of the cylinder; and an elastic band which is placed around the base of the penis to maintain the erection after the cylinder is removed and during intercourse. This elastic band prevents blood from escaping the penis and flowing back into the body.

All systems, with the exception of the Vacurect, incorporate a semi-rigid rubber sheath called a constrictor band that is placed on the base of the penis after obtaining the erection. The Vacurect system uses soft silicon discs with the constrictive hole in the center. These discs are placed on the penis prior to the erection being obtained and provide a soft and highly effective seal for the vacuum cylinder as well as preventing the scrotum from being drawning painfully into the tube.


Tests have shown the Vacurect to be highly effective and our patients have found it very comfortable and have experienced high levels of success. The cost of this device is a single event, with the prospect of many years of use, as frequently as the patient might desire. The purchase price of the device is less than that of Viagra for one month for a patient having intercourse twice a week. In a patient starting with a completely flaccid penis, a vacuum constriction device can produce a functional erection, but it will not be as rigid as a normal erection. The vast majority of men complaining of erectile dysfunction, still have some degree of penile tumescence (thickening and lengthening of the penis during erotic stimulation) and in these, a vacuum constriction device will produce an excellent result.

Of the currently used treatment modalities for erectile dysfunction (including Viagra and intra penile injection) none has a greater than 70% success rate. However, even when not 100% successful, some degree of penile tumescence is produced. The addition of a vacuum device in this situation will result in an successful erection. The "multiple round" enthusiast can best achieve a "repeat performance" by applying a vacuum device after ejaculation but before the erection has completely subsided.

Vacuum erection devices are safe and there are no absolute contra indications to their use. However, patients on anticoagulant therapy (such as Warfarin) should exercise caution and should not create a vacuum of such strength as might cause pain. The rupture of a tiny blood vessel in such cases could cause bleeding under the skin, not considered a serious complication but should be discussed with your physician. Blood that has been thinned is more difficult to constrict as well and may lead to less than optimum success rates.

Condoms can be used in conjunction with a vacuum constriction device.

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Currently there now clinical studies being performed to study the benefits of vacuum therapy after prostate surgery. The initial findings are exciting and show that simply using vacuum therapy to draw blood into the penis "offers healing effects and potentially reduces the severity of impotency". Click here to read more about Cleveland Clinic's studies regarding prostate surgery rehabilitation.

Our customers also report that regular use of vacuum therapy systems will increase the length and girth of the penis. This occurs through the natural process of gradually stretching and "over inflating" the penis causing cellular growth and expansion of the "spongy" tissue found in the shaft of the penis. There are no FDA Approved studies to support this - but frankly, we are glad the government has spent their money on such a study. We have received so much feedback from customers that we don't need study! The customers' success stories tell it all!

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