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Truform 10 - 20 Lace Thigh - Hi Beige Lg (pair)

Item Number: CMDTF1774BGL
Truform 10 - 20 Lace Thigh - Hi Beige Lg (pair)
Truform 10 - 20 Lace Thigh - Hi Beige Lg (pair) by Truform
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 Product Information
Truform 10 - 20 Lace Thigh - Hi Beige Lg (pair) details include:
    10 - 20 mmHg
    80% nylon 20% spandex
    Provides long lasting support for the most demanding lifestyles
    Very effective in meeting the needs of the growing segment of active women
    Gently massages the lower leg providing relief from mild discomfort due to vericose veins swelling and fatigue

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