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Treatment Protocol for Peyronie's Disease
 8/13/2008  by 

Peyronie's Disease treatment protocol from Birmingham Urology Assocoiates
(Chris Spivey)

Multi-Cylinder Vacuum Therapy for Peyronie’s Disease
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It is recommended to use the vacuum therapy system every day and to understand that you are "remodeling" your scar tissue. The more this protocol is used correctly - smaller tube to promote length and stretch the longitudinal scar tissue - and alternating with the larger tube to promote girth and diminish the hourglass deformity and narrowing from the circular fibers of the tunica - the faster you will see results.

Gentlemen using the following protocol advise that using shaving cream as the lubricant instead of KY works better and cheaper and has the added benefit of the patient seeing the deformity improving because as the penis fills the cylinder and the deformity decreases, the places where all you can see is shaving cream become less and less. Be sure to thoroughly wash off the shaving cream once complete with the therapy session.

“Vacuum Therapy has been the Key to the treatment protocol for Peyronie’s Disease at our facility. So far, more than 1,000 patients have been successfully treated for Peyronie’s with a multi-cylinder vacuum therapy system in our clinic. Negative Pressure is effective because it stretches and reforms the scar tissue. In addition, Vacuum Therapy should be used therapeutically (for all men with or without existing problems with erection) to maintain good penile health.”

Chris Spivey, P.A.
Urology Centers of Alabama, P.C. – Birmingham

Multi-Cylinder Vacuum Therapy for Peyronie's Disease Application Directions

    1. Use the different sized cylinders according to the above table.
    2. Use negative pressure daily (for up to six months) as a treatment for Peyronie’s Disease.
    3. Each daily session should consist of 10 cycles. Each cycle will consist of the following steps: (1) create negative pressure around the penis (2) fill the space inside the cylinder and hold a “straight” erection for 5-10 seconds (3) release the negative pressure in the cylinder (4) repeat the cycle ten times to complete one daily session.
    4. Negative pressure will not allow the penis to fully engorge, but will allow penile vascularization and stretching of the Peyronie’s plaque.

    26-Week Cylinder Size Protocol

      Week 1 Small Cylinder
      Week 2 Small Cylinder
      Week 3 Medium Cylinder
      Week 4 Medium Cylinder
      Week 5 Small Cylinder
      Week 6 Medium Cylinder
      Week 7 Largest Cylinder
      Week 8 Small Cylinder
      Week 9 Medium Cylinder
      Week 10 Largest Cylinder
      Week 11 Small Cylinder
      Week 12 Medium Cylinder
      Week 13 Largest Cylinder
      Week 14 Small Cylinder
      Week 15 Medium Cylinder
      Week 16 Largest Cylinder
      Week 17 Small Cylinder
      Week 18 Medium Cylinder
      Week 19 Largest Cylinder
      Week 20 Small Cylinder
      Week 21 Medium Cylinder
      Week 22 Largest Cylinder
      Week 23 Largest Cylinder
      Week 24 Largest Cylinder
      Week 25 Largest Cylinder
      Week 26 Largest Cylinder

    The above recommended treatment is a recommendation only is not FDA Approved for treatment of Peyronie's Disease and should always be performed with the advise of your physician. We do not make any guarantees of effectiveness nor results. Again, please always consult your physician before starting treatment.

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