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The Strength Builder Pushup and Upper Body Training System

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The Strength Builder Pushup and Upper Body Training System
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 Product Information

The Strength Builder Pushup Training System is our review staff's favorite pushup training tool! The Strength Builder Pushup Training System is more than just a set of handles to simply do pushups! The Strength Builder Upper Body Trainer builds powerful upper body and arms as well as core strength all while toning and defining the upper body - including your ABS! The Strength Builder Pushup Training System promotes balance and stability while increasing wrist strength for added power and eliminates dangerous wrist strain.

What makes exercising with The Strength Builder different than the common "hands-on-the-floor" Push-ups? Hands-on-the-floor push-ups leave the critical hand placement determinations up to the exerciser. Exercises are a precise science that target specific muscle groups. People spend hundreds of dollars to have trainers assist them in targeting key areas. The Strength Builder is designed to target the key areas shown in the hand placement chart taking the guess work out of this versatile exercise!

Strategically placed handle locations provide optimal precision in toning and strengthening key upper body and abdominal muscles and gives the ability to provide ergonomic comfort to hands, while eliminating strain to the wrists and elbows.

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Extended Description

This newly redesigned Strength Builder is made out of Industrial Strength ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) instead of the previously used high density press board for a lighter more durable, truly terrific product. Solid steel powder-coated handles, underside padding and a newly designed 20" by 26" Workout Chart is also standard.

The Strength Builder Available Colors

The Strength Builder Pushup Training System is made of material that offers:

  • Virtually unbreakable, making it extremely safe exposed to impact
  • High level of toughness
  • Excellent abrasion resistance
  • Lightweight
  • Outstanding surface appearance

Sample of push up exercises included with The Strength Builder
Why The Strength Builder gives more value than "push-up bars"
  • We've created a highly-detailed, yet simplistic color chart for muscle locations. These images correspond to product hole placements to specifically target those muscle groups. Directional arrows are used to clearly locate position.
  • Individual push-up bars leave the critical hand placement determinations up to the exerciser. Exercises are a precise science that target specific muscle groups. People spend hundreds of dollars to have trainers assist them in targeting key areas. The Strength Builder is designed to target the key areas shown in the hand placement chart. DON"T JUST GUESS!
  • Safer, more stable exercise due to a secure stationary platform
  • Some bars are "plastic" or metal tube construction. Our handles are made from a solid industrial steel rod that is powder-coated to resist rust, and we've added the best EPDM padding available on the market today. This ensures comfort and padding longevity for the most demanding exercise regimes. We Guarantee it!
  • No assembly required

Product Specifications

The Strength Builder is a new innovative device that assists in upper body exercises safely targeting key upper body muscle groups. It provides strengthening, toning and flexibility including added wrist strength, which is highly valuable for athletes of all kinds.

The Strength Builder workout system is a hefty 39 inches wide and over 1 3/4 inches tall. The base in constructed from industrial strength ABS. Solid metal power-coated handles with rubber cushioned grips are also standard.

An easy to use 20" by 26" full color wall mountable handle positioning workout chart is also included with each Strength Builder. It provides guidance on where to place the handles to achieve maximum strength building by muscle group.

What have experts said about The Strength Builder?

May 2006 - Coach Schuman - Founder National Underclassmen Combine Owner, Schuman's Elite Training

    "The Strength Builder has helped many of my superstar football athletes and training clients to gain enormous amounts of increased strength, power and explosion. The ability to vary the way The Strength Builder is used, gives the athlete an incredible workout that is unmatched by any other product out there."

May 2006 - Leading Female Television Personality, Fitness Expert and Trainer

    "The Strength Builder has a simple design that allows the user to target muscle groups more specifically during various angles of the pushup exercise. I can see applications for athletic use as well as fitness enthusiasts in general. Nicely built and easy to use, I like it!"

November 2005 - Stew Smith - former U.S. Navy SEAL and fitness author featured on and

    "Very rarely do I recommend a piece of fitness equipment, since many of my workouts are calisthenics based and require only a pull-up bar from a playground. In fact, this is only the second piece of equipment I have liked other than standard weight equipment in a gym. But I was intrigued with The Strength Builder because it helped me with two major issues:
    • Hand placement for a variety of push-ups.
    • Builds strength like push-up bars can do, but safer since The Strength Builder is a stationary product.
    Since The Strength Builder is slightly lifted off the floor, it enables you to receive a better stretch and upper body flex while performing a push-up. This movement taxes the chest and shoulders more than the regular push-up."

January 2006 - Jeff Drock - Strength and Conditioning Coach, MS, CSCS, CPT and CFA Certified and currently writes a column called, "The Next Level" for Jim Martz's "Florida Tennis"

    I received your product on December 29th and have had a chance to play around with it 3 times now. Prior to receiving it, I was a little skeptical about the cost. Once I saw this product and work out system, I was totally blown away by it.

    It is an absolutely great looking and sturdy product that is made in the USA. Yes, craftsmanship is great and the agronomically correct hand hole and numbering system for the bars along with a highly detailed chart is amazing. This allows exercisers to not just guess at where their hand positioning should be for working different body parts. This is a great system that I would highly recommend to all athletes, coaches and workout entusiasts. I will be glad to assit you any way that I possibly can with this product. At seminars that I will be having in the future, I would be excited about demonstrating your product. You can use any of the information here on your website. What a terriffic product!"

January 2006 - Elizabeth Quinn - MS Sports Medicine ACE Certified Personal Trainer, Member ACSM, Exercise physiologist and health writer for

    "I never thought I'd recommend a piece of exercise equipment for doing pushups, but this product has a lot of features that tip the scale in its favor. I liked the idea of the pre-set hand placements for doing a variety of styles of pushup, and liked the handgrip design since doing pushups on the floor has always been hard on my wrists.

    The high quality handles attached easily and the product was ready to use in seconds. I completed 20 of the most effective, efficient pushups I'd done in a while! Let's just say I ran out of energy before I ran out of options. It allows a better workout for chest and shoulders as well as triceps than the standard pushup. With the variety of handle positions you get a complete workout for the entire upper body and core. It is a nice piece of upper body equipment to have in your workout room."

What have people said about The Strength Builder?

Otis Osborne - SSG, US Army

    I ordered my Strength Builder on 12/10 and on 12/26 I received it after much anticipation. A little history on myself, I am a 43 year old US Army SGT stationed in Mannheim, Germany and since 1991 I have been doing 600 pushups a day on the floor. In 1996, I began doing 150-225 elevated pushups with my feet on a chair, until July 2006, when I was deployed to Kuwait and was diagnosed with Cervical Radiculapathy (herniated disc) which took away my ability to do as many pushups as had become part of my daily routine.

    I was air transported to Germany where they gave me steroid injections, steroid tablets and other treatment trying to shrink the herniated disc and reduce the pressure on the now damaged nerve. Of course none of that worked and the only treatment left would have been surgical repair.

    While I waited for a second opinion I began searching everywhere for some traditional pushup bars when I came across the Strength Builder, on a Google search. I was impressed but also skeptical with my non-abilty to do as many pushups as before; anyway, I ordered the Strength Builder...I know its only been two days now but I really can isolate where my nerve damage is and began to rebuild the strength in the areas on your chart (tricep, Deltoid, Pectorialis, etc) even with the damage.

    The Strength Builder has done more for me mentally/physically in two days than the last 6 months of care I have received. The Strength Builder is my Beacon of Hope. When I return to the military hospital to see the team that has been treating me I will take the Strength Builder with me to see if they can use one in their Diagnosis/Care Plan of soldiers in the future. I want to thank you for such a wonderful apparatus.

C. Drummond - Workout Enthusiast - Canton, Michigan

    "I am an avid weightlifter and work out 6 days a week at Lifetime fitness in Canton, Michigan. I recently used your product at a club in Iowa while I was traveling. This is the best product I have ever used for increasing arm strength, building chest mass and triceps work. I told my friends at Lifetime fitness about it and they all wish Lifetime would buy 5 or 6 for the Canton Michigan club. In fact, I think they should buy 5 or 6 for every club in their network. Anyway, I did not want to wait for them to buy one for the Canton club so I bought one myself today. The Strength Builder really rips your arms and chest to shreds and makes you burn white hot from the intense workout the variable grip options provide. Feel free to use my comments on your website or whenever you want an honest assessment of the product." C. Drummond - from an unsolicited recent email

Anna Fleet - Personal Trainer and Fitness Writer for

    Push-ups are probably one of the most functional exercises you can do! By that I mean that the motion of the push up mimics so much of what we actually do in our daily lives. Varying your hand positioning is helpful if youíre trying to tone and strengthen -say the shoulder muscles. However many of us especially those who are new to exercise, donít know exactly what position their hands should be in to target certain muscle groups over others.

    Thatís why I am so excited about a product called The Strength Builder.
    • Cuts out all the confusion so you know youíre working the specific muscles you want.
    • Safe and effective
    • Ergonomic comfort grips
    • Handy body positioning diagram, displaying the way to move from beginner, to intermediate to advanced push ups

In case you are wondering - questions we hear over the phone

Q: Will using The Strength Builder increase my upper body strength regardless of age or gender?
A: YES. If you use The Strength Builder as part of a weekly exercise routine than you will gain results. While we do not recommend that you use it everyday (since you need to rest your muscles) a few times a week would be most beneficial. Like anything else, you get out what you put in. We recommend you make it a part of your overall exercise regimen. Neither age nor gender should prohibit you from seeing results. As always, consult your Doctor before starting any new exercise routine.

Q: Why is using The Strength Builder an advantage to doing push-ups on the floor..which are free?
A: The Strength Builder is designed and engineered to ensure that the user is doing a push up in a precise controlled fashion. The placement of the handles ensures perfect alignment and form everytime, exercising the exact muscle group targeted. In addition, the handles and board allows for stability while exercising. You can safely exercise the upper body precisely strengthening each muscle group. "Since The Strength Builder is slightly lifted off the floor, it enables you to receive a better stretch and upper body flex while performing a push-up. This movement taxes the chest and shoulders more than the regular push-up."

 Customer Reviews Average Customer Rating review  
This thing rocks!
  I would have to say that this product is the best upperbody system i have ever used in my life! I am training to be a navy seal and nothing they threw at me has given me the results of this strength building system! I would recommend this to anyone that wants to have extremly strong upper body and arms! I highly recommend this for military guys or just anyone trying to develop shoulders, chest and tri-s!
  Reviewed by:  Tom S from Seatle, WA. on 9/4/2008
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