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Bonro Medical Vacurect OTC Vacuum Therapy System - Model 1002

Item Number: BOM1002
Bonro Medical Vacurect OTC Vacuum Therapy System - Model 1002
Bonro Vacurect offers a "Best" Rating by our Vacuum Therapy Review Team
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 Product Information

Experience full erection with ease and comfort, without side-effects and without the use of sometimes dangerous medications. This vacuum erection penis pump is also effective for men with certain health conditions such as diabetes, prostate cancer, Peyronie's disease and men unable to take oral ED medications. This vacuum erection pump can complement or completely replace medications such as Viagra, Cialis, Levitra and others.

Full Erection Guaranteed or Your Money Back! Try it for 30 days and if you are not completely satisfied simply return it for a Full Refund*.

Discretion is assured as we ship every pump discretely with no external markings on the packaging and use Guaranteed and Trackable UPS Ground Service!

Attention Gentlemen on Medicare - Click here to learn about the Medicare approved version of this product (The Prescription Version of this item costs approximately $500 and offers an extended 5 year warranty, additional constriction discs, deluxe carrying case plus all the paperwork management required by Medicare.)

Every two months the system will need a few drops of "Service Oil" to keep the collar lubricated for ease of movement. We recommend adding this option to your order.

Click here for constriction disc replacements.

*Return Policy - A manufacturer required Disposal Fee of $39.00 will be applied to all returned orders. This fee can be waived if the system is exchanged for an alternate style system.

Have questions? Please feel comfortable to contact our knowledgeable in-house expert has over 17 years of sales and guidance experience in the E.D. Area. Call 1.866.813.3621 and ask to speak with Mark to discuss the best solution for you.

The Vacurect by Bonro Medical is the most modern technology for Erectile Dysfunction (Impotence) available today!

Basic Vacurect Instructions and Diagram

    1. First of all, you need to find a constriction disc size that suits you best. To begin with, it is recommended that you start with the largest sized disc and go down in size until you find the size that is effective and most comfortable. Attach the constriction disc to the open end of the penile tube. Then by pressing the lip of the ring against the edge of the tube you will be able to form an airtight seal (fig. 1).

    2. Apply a sufficient amount of water soluble lubricating jelly around the inside rim of the ring and to the penis (this will ensure that the penis slides quickly and smoothly through the ring and does not stick to the side of the penile tube) (fig. 2). Silicone oil must not be used as it will damage the rings.

    3. Next, hold the penile tube with the lubricated entrance of the constriction disc against the tip of the penis and start pumping slowly by sliding the outer cuff of the penile tube back and forth. Please take care not to pump too fast as this may bruise or cause a rupture of the blood vessels immediately below the surface of the skin. Initially you will have to do 10 to 15 full strokes. This will smoothly pull the penis through the ring and into the tube. (fig. 3).

    4. Once the penis has been pulled into the tube, the tube may be firmly pressed against the body. It is recommended to increase the vacuum level in steps allowing the body to adjust to the increasing vacuum levels. This will allow the maximum efficiency and erection strength.

    5. Depending on the initial state of the erection, this will typically take between 30 seconds to 5 minutes. If a full erection has not developed in 5 minutes a few extra pumping strokes may be required or you may remove the system and allow your body to rest for a few minutes, then start from the beginning usually with better success.

    6. When a satisfactory erection has been developed the pump may be released by gently squeezing down on the ring, thereby instantly releasing the vacuum. The tube may then be removed, leaving the constriction disc at the base of the penis to maintain the erection.

    7. With the constriction disc in place a lasting erection should now be maintained and sexual intercourse can be accomplished.
    NOTE: If a condom is to be worn, it should be put on as a last step. Do not wear a condom during the vacuum process. The rings are not a contraceptive or method of birth control.

    8. If the penis becomes soft within 5 minutes you need to use a smaller size constriction disc. Work your way down the sizes until you find a ring that is comfortably tight but no tighter than necessary.

    9. If more rigidity is required after some use in intercourse, further pumping may be resumed without removing the constriction disc.

    Caution - the constriction disc must not be left in place for more than 30 minutes.

    Before removing the constriction disc it is recommended that the penis be squeezed firmly for about 10 seconds to reduce the blood pressure in the penis in order to ease removal of the constriction disc. To remove the constriction disc, firmly grip with both hands on the outside rim and then gently pull it away from the body and off the penis (fig. 4).

    Why buy from

    • is the only Vacurect Retailer offering Guaranteed Trackable UPS Ground Service.
    • is the only Vacurect Retailer offering one FREE additional constriction discs for the first 60 days to allow you to find the perfect fit.
    • offers a Full Refund* or opportunity to exchange for an alternate system within the first 30 days!

    What is different about our product?

    • Most appealing appearance and pumping action - to ensure the least possible distraction during intimate moments.
    • Lightest and most compact - which means that both hands are free after pumping so that the man can freely move about with the pump still in place, resulting in the absolute minimal interference with foreplay and intimacy.
    • Easiest fitting of the tension ring onto the pump - no special device or technique is required. After cleaning the ring may in fact be left on the pump ready for immediate future use.
    • Easiest fitting of the tension ring onto the penis - the ring is simply slid onto the penis with no air leakage at any stage.

    Vacurect offers the following benefits:

    • Does not require a physician prescription
    • Includes 5 tension systems
    • Free sample tube of lubricant
    • The Device measures 9" long with a outside diameter of 2"
    • The VacuRect is effective for men with erect measurements up to 8 3/4" length and up to 2 1/4" diameter (7" circumference) girth.
    • 1 year manufacturer's warranty
    • 30 Day Trial Period back by a Money Back Guarantee*
    • Meets FDA standards for Over-the-Counter vacuum therapy devices.
    • Additional tension systems and system oil may be purchased separately.

    Most efficient - there is no air leakage at any stage, resulting in the quickest possible response time of between 30 seconds and 6 minutes depending on the starting state of the erection. Conventional Vacuum Erection Devices (VEDs) - While quite effective, many couples still found these devices to be too bulky and cumbersome to use and therefore sexually unappealing. These aspects consequently proved to be significant drawbacks to the advancement of vacuum erection devices.

    The internationally patented VACURECT is now setting a new standard in vacuum therapy. It has a compact, pleasing design and is very easy to use. Its natural pumping action will not detract unduly from the intimacy of the moment. The VACURECT also uses a unique double-sealing tension ring that ensures maximum efficiency, which means that it works much faster, resulting in minimal interference with foreplay and intimacy. Most importantly, the VACURECT enables couples to enjoy lovemaking again.

    Doctor Recommended, Clinically Proven

    Doctors have long recommended vacuum therapy as a proven first line treatment for impotence. The National Institutes of Health and the American Urological Association have both concluded that vacuum therapy is an effective, low cost and highly safe treatment.

    "The Treatment Of Erectile Failure With Vacuum Constriction Devices"

    By Professor J H Naude,
    Professor of Urology, Cape Town University

    "In 1996 the American Urological Association Erectile dysfunction Clinical guidelines panel, published their report on The Treatment of Organic Erectile dysfunction. They found vacuum constriction devices to be highly successful and to have a high degree of patient and partner satisfaction. It was described as being very safe and no absolute contra-indications were quoted. It was mentioned that a high success rate was dependent on proper instruction in the use of the device.

    Certain problems were common to the devices hitherto available. Due to the cylinder of the device having to be of larger diameter than the penis, extrapenile tissue (skin and part of the scrotal content) could easily be sucked into the cylinder and then caught under the elastic constriction rings. This resulted in significant discomfort. The only effective devices were imported from the USA and were exorbitantly expensive.

    South African engineers and urologists have developed a vacuum constriction device with many unique features, greatly superior to other currently available devices. The constriction rings are broad based and cause no discomfort. The design of the constriction rings is such that extra-penile tissue cannot be aspirated into the vacuum cylinder. A very wide spectrum of constriction rings comes with each device, ensuring an exact fit regardless of anatomical variations in patients.

    Tests conducted in our clinic, have shown the device to be highly effective and our patients have found it comfortable to use. The price is a fraction of that charged for imported products. Financial expenditure is a single event, with the prospect of many years of use, as frequently as the patient might desire. The purchase price of the device is less than that of Viagra for one month, in a patient wanting to have intercourse twice a week. In a patient starting with a completely flaccid penis, a vacuum constriction device can produce a functional erection, but it will not be as rigid as a normal erection. The vast majority of men complaining of erectile dysfunction, still have some degree of penile tumescence (thickening and lengthening of the penis during erotic stimulation) and in these, a vacuum constriction device will produce an excellent result.

    Of the currently used treatment modalities for erectile dysfunction (including Viagra and intra penile injection) none has a greater than 70% success rate. However, even in the failures, some degree of penile tumescence is produced and the addition of a vacuum device in this situation will result in an excellent erection. The "multiple round" enthusiast can achieve this best by applying a vacuum device after ejaculation but before the erection has completely subsided.

    Vacuum erection devices are safe and there are no absolute contra indications to their use. However, patients on anticoagulant therapy (such as Warfarin) should exercise caution and should not create a vacuum of such strength as might cause pain. The rupture of a tiny blood vessel in such cases could cause bleeding under the skin (not a serious complication).

    A condom can be used in conjunction with a vacuum constriction device.

    The VACURECT™ is the best vacuum constriction device which I have tested and should be able to restore sexual function in the vast majority of men suffering from erectile dysfunction, regardless of the cause. It can do so at a price affordable to most."

    Testimonials - The following are excerpts from actual letters received from just a few of our thousands of satisfied customers and medical professionals whose patients are having success with the Vacurect™.

    A vacuum system should be considered for the first line treatment for mild to moderate erectile dysfunction. The Vacurect™ Erection System has been clinically tested at the Pretoria Sexology Institute and we found it a very effective and easy to use apparatus. The fact that it is compact and it uses an easy to use constriction device, makes it the most useable system.

    Dr. Frans van Wijk,
    Urologist, Pretoria Urology Hospital

    "The VACURECT™ penis pump has been tested at this Institute by a range of patients, who suffered from erectile dysfunction. After testing, positive feedback was received by all these patients. The design is simple in its application and is safe with regards to the vacuum that is induced for erection.

    We are going to prescribe The VACURECT™ vacuum therapy system as the preferred method of treatment for inducing an erection through vacuum therapy."

    Dr E Viljoen,
    Sexologist, Pretoria Institute of Sexology

    We have tried various medications but found this device to be the answer.
    - Simon and Alice

    This device has really rescued our rapidly disintegrating marriage.
    - Mark and Susan

    Simple, effective within one minute, superior to all other methods I have tried.
    - Deon and Anna

    Follow this link to see the official FDA 501(k) Premarket Notification indicating approval for consumer use.

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 Customer Reviews Average Customer Rating review  
Hey, It works!
  I recently started using the Vacurect OTC and it performs and functions as advertized - In today's world that's refreshing. During the first practice session I didn't think it was effective but by the second session and by following the instructions regarding not rushing the process, the Vacurect is working Great! Oh, and it does not interfere with foreplay. I'm totally satisfied.
  Reviewed by:  Fred from West Palm Beach, FL. on 8/20/2013
  I have been using Vacurect OTC nodel 1002 for the past 18 months. Simply perfect: erection in few seconds , long lasting changed my life no viagra, no injections, only VACURECT
  Reviewed by:  andrea from rapallo italy. on 8/11/2011
Not perfect, but the best I have tried
  I have tried two other types of vacuum therapy systems and was skeptical about this but thought I'd try it (Money Back Guaranteed!). Well, this undoubtedly is the slickest design and best of all it really does work as advertised. I'm post-operative with no natural function. My wife and I both thank you for this great product!
  Reviewed by:  Roland S from Franklin, NC. on 9/16/2009
Thank you!
  I have suffered from ED after having prostate surgery and have tried the more "traditional style" systems without much success. Finally I can enjoy my wife again. A huge thank you from the ultimate skeptic!
  Reviewed by:  Sam from Houston, TX. on 8/5/2008
I can't believe it, It actually works!
  As a physician, I usually find claims of 95% success to be dubious and yet I had nothing to lose with the money back guarantee. I am happy to let you know that I wouldn''t send this back to you if you paid me! We have been very happy with the results and now understand why the success rate is so high! This is a terrific product and I encourage others to give it a try!
  Reviewed by:  Dr. Aaron from Sunnyfield, CA. on 8/5/2008
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