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The Fitzz Group, Inc. Office Providing Quality Services and Health Products for over 14 years!

First and foremost we want our online shoppers to know that there are warm knowledgeable health, wellness and fitness professionals working hard for you behind our "electronic" storefront! While we are unable to physically walk through our store and products with you, we will make every effort to educate over the phone and with our online information so that you can make an informed purchase. is brought to you by The Fitzz Group, Inc. and is our anchor online store offering a huge selection of medical supply, exercise, massage, wellness and home health related products at great prices. The Fitzz Group, Inc. links relevant products, services, and information with customers efficiently and effectively. At The Fitzz Group, Inc., we hold a strong belief that healthy lifestyles are essential to healthy lives and relationships and not only affect our physical beings but also enrich our body, mind, and soul. As a company, we strive to identify each customer's unique needs and partner with them in their pursuit of better overall health through our network of specialty stores.

Since our inception, The Fitzz Group, Inc. has adopted the philosophy of a team approach. Our sales and distribution philosophy is built upon our knowledge that relationships form the foundation of all business - people buy from people. We partner with each customer, focusing on their individual needs and concerns. Every customer is important to The Fitzz Group, Inc. and we welcome feedback from our customers.

We are very proud to offer quality products and services that will be delivered in a timely manner. We will continually add key products and resources that we feel will be value-added and that will provide a benefit to our customers. We encourage our customers to share information about products and resources that we might share with other customers through our website.

The Fitzz Group, Inc. is a privately held Florida corporation. Mark Osenga, a medical supply expert and wellness enthusiast, is the President and CEO. Mark is never too busy to talk to our customers about their health, fitness or wellness needs. The balance of our partners are all medical professionals including a Physician and Registered Nurse.


Fitzz WarehouseThe Fitzz Group, Inc. is a privately-owned Florida based-retail distribution company providing the highest quality medical supply, wellness, fitness and general health products both the general public as well as commercial clients in the health and wellness industry. The Fitzz Group, Inc. was founded in 2005 by a group of partners that bring over 30 years of combined experience in the health and fitness industry and recognized the need for a total health and wellness solutions company to provide quality products at an attractive price.

Our promise to our visitors is: "The health and wellness partners on staff will constantly focus on the individual needs of our customers while providing excellent service." Thank you for visiting our site and reading about us. We are more than just another online store - we are real people who care about you!

Wishing you the best of Health and Wellness,

Mark Osenga
President & CEO

Mark Osenga, President - The Fitzz Group, Inc.
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